Dr. Christian Jacob

Speaker Organization: 
University of Calgary
ASTech Awards: 

,  Winner,  

2015 ICT
Area of Expertise: 
Presentation Topics: 

Body Universes: How computer games change the way we do science
A Flight Simulator for the Human Body: Replaying the "Fantastic Voyage"
How far has computational physiology come?

Short Bio: 

I am passionate about illustrating the fascinating "Body Universes" of human anatomy and physiology with the help of the latest in computer technology. My research team uses 3D virtual reality and augmented reality environments together with computer game engines to build stunning immersive worlds inside and around the human body. One of our key projects is the LINDSAY Virtual Human (lindsayvirtualhuman.org), which we always like to show in action. We work on computational physiology, with aspirations for virtual drug testing and on innovative teaching and learning environments.

Geographic Areas: 
Throughout Alberta
Speaker Location: 
Calgary , AB