Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano

Speaker Organization: 
Founder & President, 4Front Robotics
ASTech Awards: 

,  Winner,  

2014 Applied Technology
Area of Expertise: 
Applied Technology: Unmanned Aerial Drones and Ground Vehicles
Presentation Topics: 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Present and Future)
Commercial Applications of Drones

Short Bio: 

Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Calgary and a driving force behind 4Front Robotics. For the past 15 years, his lab at U of C has researched the design and control of unmanned vehicle systems for complex environments. In 2012 Dr. Ramirez-Serrano founded 4Front Robotics, a Canadian UVS company developing fully autonomous highly maneuverable unmanned systems for confined environments applied to civilian commercial use such as mining, oil and gas, search and rescue and urban policing. Environments might include collapsed buildings, urban canyons and beneath tree cover.

Dr. Ramirez-Serrano has a strong technical background supported by a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, two Masters degrees and a Doctoral degree.

The work of Dr. Ramirez-Serrano is important because it provides tools to solve problems the current technologies cannot, reduce the cost of performing tasks in complex environments and reduce the time to accomplish the job.

Geographic Areas: 
Calgary area
Edmonton area
Red Deer area
Southeast, including Lethbridge and Medicine Hat
Outside Alberta
Speaker Location: 
Calgary , AB