All Finalists and Winners

2016 Public Awareness, Winner

Educating children about science to encourage them to become the next generation of innovators is not easy, but the Alberta Science Network (ASN) does it in a unique way. Their signature program is Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom which is “exactly what it sounds like,” says Executive Director Ed Kusmirski. “We have practicing scientists and engineers go into classrooms and volunteer their time to inspire the next generation.”

2016 Special, Winner

It’s not often that a group etches their name into our country’s history books, but AlbertaSat is on their way to doing exactly that thanks to their mission into space.

2016 Science, Finalist

The University of Alberta has one of the world’s top diamond research groups, and at the heart of it is Dr. Graham Pearson. His work with diamonds has been responsible for several revolutionary innovations within the industry, and has led to Pearson becoming known as the world’s leading scientist in diamond studies.

Diamonds are far more useful than jewelry fans would believe. As Pearson explains, “we use diamonds as scientific windows into the deep Earth. They give a unique picture of parts of the Earth that would otherwise be impossible to access.”

Underground Oceans

2016 Oil Sands, Winner

“I wanted to be part of the dream of doing things better than yesterday."

Dr. Ian Gates says it is this dream that started him on his award-winning path, including the Achievement in Innovation Award from Innovate Calgary in 2012. Over the past 16 years, Gates has been a valued member of the oil and gas industry, producing groundbreaking research that has changed entire industry processes.

2016 Agriculture, Finalist

To be successful, the cropping industry requires constant innovation from growers, machinery companies, chemical producers and crop breeders. In this working organism, the role of troubleshooter falls on the shoulders of University of Alberta professor Dr. Linda Hall.

“My work is anticipating and trying to solve the problems of herbicide resistant crops and weeds,” says Hall.