All Finalists and Winners

2015 Agriculture, Winner

As Dr. Miles Dyck, associate professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Renewable Resources explains, soil in Alberta is categorized in three ways.

“Most of the agricultural land in Alberta is in southern and central Alberta where there is black and brown soil areas,” Dr. Dyck says, adding grey soil areas are common in forests. Black and brown soil is common in grasslands that lead to higher nutrient levels in the soil.

2015 Societal Impact, Winner

With 62,000 strokes annually in Canada, the public often underestimates the impact of stroke. In Canada, 400,000 stroke survivors deal with disability caused by stroke, and stroke is becoming increasingly more common in young people. The need for better care is at an all-time high.

Calgary has embraced this need for better care since 1995 through the founding of the Stroke Prevention Clinic. In 1996, Calgary became the first Canadian jurisdiction to provide clot-busting treatment. The success of the Clinic inspired the team to seek a greater partnership with the Foothills Hospital and the Heart and Stroke Foundation to build the care protocol into something more than the outpatient clinic.

2015 ICT, Finalist

When Data Gardens founder Dr. Geoff Hayward explains his software, he often compares it to the classic shell trick.

“What I’m doing is a form of a shell trick,” Dr. Hayward says. “In the old shell trick you have two peas and you trick somebody into thinking the pea is under one shell, but you’re really exposing another pea under a different shell,” he explains. “What I’m doing is exposing a replica server instance in Japan, but it tricks the user into thinking they are talking to the original server in Edmonton.”

2015 Commercial, Winner

Venture capitalists. Seed money. These are phrases you expect to hear when somebody describes financing their company, but a well-established partnership between an industry leader and a small remotely operated team led by Christopher Micetich, serves as a positive testimony to a different approach he took when Micetich founded Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc.


2015 Public Awareness, Winner

In its 30th year of operation, Inside Education has been on the leading edge of education in Alberta by providing an exciting way for the next-generation to learn about science and technology. Executive Director Steve McIsaac says their newest initiative unites students across Alberta through a central theme.

“One of our major program areas is our Youth Learning Summit, which is a gathering of high school students from across Alberta,” McIsaac says. “For each program we have 20 high schools represented, and they travel down to Banff for a three day summit on a theme focusing on either energy or water.”