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Here at ASTech our mission is "To identify and celebrate outstanding achievements in science and technology in Alberta". We accomplish this through our many events, which are only possible because of our generous Patrons. Increasing awareness of Alberta innovations is a big part of how we celebrate science and technology through our annual ASTech Awards and Next Gen Innovators Showcase. In order to support our mission, we recently installed a brand new sign in the Innovate Calgary building.

ALBERTA, CANADA (May 20, 2016) – In the scientific and technological communities, being honoured with one prestigious award is a privilege, but being honoured with multiple increasingly significant awards is rare. 

ALBERTA, CANADA (May 12, 2016) – In the midst of the devastating Fort McMurray fires, ASTech and its many Patron sponsors are stepping up to do their part in helping the thousands of people affected by the wildfires.


The ASTech Foundation inspires the next generation of innovation in Alberta through the year-round promotion of outstanding achievement and leadership in science and technology. In addition to promoting stories of success through the ASTech Alumni Speaker's Bureau, our signature event is the ASTech Awards and Next Gen Innovators Showcase. We present 13 awards annually to honour the innovation spectrum, sector-specific achievement and leadership. 

ASTech is proud to host three free half-day workshops across the province designed to help entrepreneurs learn to successfully pitch their businesses for award nominations and financing.


TechRev, a program of Innovate Calgary, is integrating with the Alberta Science and Technology Leadership (ASTech) Foundation. These two award and recognition events will now merge into one awards ceremony, the ASTech Awards.

ALBERTA – Dr. Robert J. Crawford, the ASTech Foundation’s Executive Director from 1991-1998, passed away at home Tuesday, April 7. Dr. Crawford was instrumental in building ASTech’s credibility and growing the organization.
A virtual learning environment and an app for connecting politicians to constituents; these are just two of the ideas from Startup Weekend EDU Edmonton. 45 youth, teachers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs spent the weekend of March 6 and 7 pitching and developing their business ideas with a focus on education in the hope of winning the top prize.
Aidan Aird is a truly remarkable teenager. At only 15-years-old, he has started a non-profit organization, Developing Innovations, which is dedicated to inspiring, celebrating and promoting STEM education. He balances this with his educational responsibilities, such as maintaining a high GPA, and participating in extracurricular events such as the Canada Wide Science Fair. We reached out to Aidan to ask about his achievements: