Strategic Direction

ASTech 2.0: 2016 and Beyond


Strategic Priorities

  1. Celebrate and advance the existing active science and technology community in Alberta by living our mandate of inspiring innovation on a year-round basis.
  2. Grow the science and technlogy innovation community by engaging diverse stakeholders (including  a younger demographic and government) so they can participate in the overall innovation success in Alberta through public education and outreach.
  3. Continually examine our core purpose as a Foundation and collaborate with like-minded people and organizations to determine the best methods to help craft and celebrate a new culture of innovation in Alberta.



There is a long-standing history of success associated with the ASTech Foundation and we must be respectful of our roots while casting an eye to successfully inspiring the next generation of innovation. The ASTech 2.0 Strategic Direction seeks to bridge that gap and position ASTech for continued success.