2016 Next Gen Innovators Showcase

Next Gen Innovators Showcase captures the heart of innovation in Alberta

Kamil Ahmed - Advances on a Digital Microscope  Physio4D  FRC Team

On October 28 the Chateau Lacombe was packed with energy as the guests of the ASTech Awards interacted with the exciting interactive projects of our Next Gen Innovators Showcase.
Now enjoy the Next Gen Virtual Showcase. We asked and you voted: the Fan Favourite is Advances on a Digital Microscope by Kamil Ahmed!   The winning project receives $250 cash.

CLICK HERE to experience the Next Gen Virtual Showcase. 
Retiarius Medical  TELUS Innovation Centre

2016 Next Gen Innovators Showcase participants


  • Agricast: Forecasting for Your Farm - Customized weather forecasts for farmers. Nevin deMilliano.
  • Interface Fluidics Inc.: Reservoir-on-a-Chip - Mircomodels for enhancing oil sand recovery. Stuart Kinnear. 
  • University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering: Immersive Visualization - New technology for subsurface reservoir data visualization. Jamie McInnis.
  • Alberta Women's Science Network & Startups by Sophia: Leading by Example - Inspiring young girls by STEM leadership to create equal opportunities for women. Ana Noga & Sophia Fairweather.
  • FIRST Robotics - Encouraging high school students to get exposure to engineering, programming, fabrication, marketing, and project management. Russell Weir.
  • SAIT: Product Design Lessons from Daft Punk - Demonstrating the technologies used in the design, testing and fabrication labs at SAIT. Emerson Burns & Tim Huynh. 
  • Tablespace Proximity Technology - Enhancing hotel room service with highly visual, customized ordering. Bradley Poulette. 
  • Womba: a Musical Instrument for an Unborn Child - The first instrument for a child to play in the womb. Aura Pon.
  • Unumbria Technologies: Virtual Reality Based Vision Training - Mobile vision training programs for athletes to improve performance and decrease injuries. Shamez Walji. 
  • Alberta BioPhotonics: Opti-Q On-Site Testing - Quick, accurate and inexpensive sample testing saves time and money. Elmar Prenner.
  • Beyond Reality Technologies: Applying virtual reality to real estate to explore unbuilt spaces. Garlon Yau.
  • Evented - Consolidating information for event planners. Ramneek Purewal. 
  • MycoRemedy - Remediating soil and water contamination without the use of energy or chemically intensive means. Kelcie Miller-Anderson. 
  • Paper: Program that assists in setting up legal frameworks for companies. Adrian Camara.
  • Physio4D: Vision Based Physical Therapy - A time saving motion tracking system to assess joint mobility. Dr. Javad Sadeghi.
  • Retiarius Medical - Waterproof and adhesive free bandages. Cole Atkinson. 
  • TELUS: Home Health Monitoring & TELUS Innovation Centre. Pauline Phillips.
Science Fair Students
  • **FAN FAVOURITE**: Advances on a Digital Microscope: Sharing findings from a digital microscope in remote areas. Kamil Ahmed.
  • Aging in Human Cells Linked to BuR1 Expression - Is there a correlation between low BuR1 expression and the aging phenotype in humans? Ruicen (David) He.
  • The Genius Genus: Aspen Adaptations - Investigating the genetic DNA of identical groups of aspens. Sophie Hoye Pacholek. 
  • The Role of ING1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Investigating the role of a tumour suppressor protein in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Shayan Hemmati. 
 SAIT   MycoRemedy
"Exciting to bring so many interesting people together and what a busy night! We made some great contacts by participating in the Showcase."

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