Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology

This award is presented to individuals or teams of individuals who have played a leadership role in and made a contribution to a technological innovation or breakthrough in Alberta.


The written nomination submission MUST address the following criteria:

Technological sophistication, innovation, patents or inventions

  • Describe the technology in terms that can be understood by a non-expert in the field.
  • What is the significance of this technology?  How is it innovative or leading edge?
  • What patents have been granted or other intellectual property created related to this innovation?

  Commercialization  pathway

  • Where does this technology fall in the commercialization continuum?  Is it still in the proof of concept stage or is it ready to be launched in national and international markets?

 Applicability to other industrial sectors

  • Is the technology applicable to one particular niche market or can it be applied broadly to other sectors?

International peer recognition

  • How is the nominee(s) recognized internationally as a leading expert in his/her/their field?

Demonstration of social and economic impact

  • How does the technology or innovation contribute to improved quality of life?
  • How does it enhance economic development?  For example, does it create and/or retain high paying jobs?  
  • How does it further the growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy?