Applied Technology

Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology and Innovation Sponsored by SAIT

This award is presented to individuals or teams of individuals who have demonstrated leadership and innovation and have made a significant contribution through the discovery, application and/or implementation of technology products or processes.

This award is sponsored by SAIT which provides a cash prize of $10,000 to the winner.

Written nomination submission MUST address the following criteria:

Overall impact of the contribution on industry and/or trade

  • Describe the technology, product or process in terms that can be understood by a non-expert in the field.
  • How has this technology, product or process changed and/or improved the industry to which it is applied?
  • What improvements has this brought to the industry or trade, and what is significant about these improvements?

Demonstration of the applicability to industry and/or trade

  • In what industries or trades can this technology, product or process be applied?
  • Is this application unique (i.e. niche market) or can it be broadly applied across several trades and industry sectors?

Changes to the way we design, build or produce 

  • How has the technology, product or process changed the way things are currently done in the industry or trade?

Demonstrate social and economic impact 

  • How does the technology or innovation contribute to improved quality of life?
  • How does it enhance economic development? For example, does it create/and or retain high paying jobs?
  • How does it further the growth and diversification of Alberta's economy?

Demonstrate how this novel approach to technology application and integration resulting in an innovative tool that changes and advances current practices

  • Describe how the technology has been applied in a novel way that has resulted in innovative tools that change current practice in an industry.